MaskLab 3-Ply Surgical Face Mask Blue 50s

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✔️ masklab™ products have been tested by two labs to two different standards: Eurofins for EU's EN 14683 and Cambridge Materials for US's ASTM F2100.

✔️ masklab™ 3-ply surgical face masks have achieved EN 14683's highest level of Type II R. ASTM F2100 is pending Level 3. 

✔️ EN 14683 Type IIR (Highest EU Standard)

  • BFE: 99.39%
  • Fluid Resist: 16kPa (120 mmHg)
  • Delta P: 36.8 Pa/cm² (3.68 mmH2O/cm²)
  • Microbial Cleanliness: 17.8 cfu/g

✔️ masklab™ is an ISO-certified face mask factory 



Size: 175mm x 95mm


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