Safix Scrub Pad Large

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✔️SAFIX™ Scrub pad has the following advantages over the other available scrub pads in the market.
✔️Made from 100% COCONUT FIBERS bound together with a non-toxic adhesive.
✔️Lasts four times longer than any scrubbers available in the market.
✔️Does not rust, splinter or degenerate on several uses.
✔️Safe and soft for hands and nails.
✔️Easily removes baked on, burnt and stubborn greasy deposits from all types of utensils.
✔️Uses less detergent and scouring powder.This scrub pad is surface friendly and will not scratch delicate surfaces.
✔️Non-toxic. Odorless. No germs. No bacteria.

Size: 10cm x 15cm