GOODA = Better in kids’ language. Better for our health. Better for the environment.

We have started exploring eco natural skincare and homecare products since our younger daughter had suffered from eczema badly. We had to deal with non-stop scratching, that leaded to sleepless, bleeding, infections and heartbroken. The prescribed steroid cream from doctors worked temporarily and cannot be used for long term, so we had to find something that works and is safe to put on her on daily basis. In the process of battling with her eczema, we came cross lots of ideas and natural products from health workers and friends. We realised that the products we used around the house may also trigger irritation to her skin, so we slowly switched to natural home cleaning products too.
We are a small family run business. The aim of GOODA LIVING is to provide natural and eco friendly alternate choices for our customers so that these products can be exposed to more people and gradually it can lead us to better health and better environment.
Just because we also care about the health of our Earth, the packaging materials we use are all biodegradable. And we will try to use our 100% carbon neutral courier whenever possible, so your shopping does not cost the Earth.